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The addition of points to your drivers license can mean license suspension and increased insurance rates. If you've been accused of a traffic violation, you need to know how adding points to your license will affect you and your driving record.

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Helping You Understand the Point System

Depending on the situation, the amount of points added to your driving record may vary, as well as how many points you may receive before your license is suspended or revoked. Usually, the more severe a violation, the more points will be accumulated. For example, a hit-and-run charge will carry more points than an average speeding ticket.

It's also possible for your license to be suspended or revoked before you've received the limit of points, such as for crimes like DUI/DWI or intent to harm with a motor vehicle.

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When you've been accused of a traffic violation, you have all of the rights of any criminal defendant. Make sure you pursue all of your legal options by consulting with a skilled and experienced traffic violation defense lawyer.

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