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Have you been accused of speeding? You need an experienced traffic violation defense attorney.

In most cases, speeding tickets are considered minor offenses, but may also be classified as misdemeanors. If you've been accused of a speeding violation and would like to contest the citation, call Donahue & Sowa today at 630-232-1780 or contact us online.

Our experienced traffic violation defense attorneys can advise you on your best legal options when addressing a speeding ticket.

Understanding the Law When it Comes to Speeding

The most basic speed rule is that drivers are prohibited to drive at a faster speed than what is reasonable considering the conditions, the area's surroundings and any potential hazards involved. Because of this law, drivers traveling at the posted speed limit may still receive a citation if they are driving too fast for conditions.

Laws regulating how fast motorists may drive in particular are called statutory speed limits. These laws set the maximum speed at which drivers can travel in these areas, unless otherwise designated by a posted speed limit sign.

Some posted speed limit signs designate roads where the state or local government has set a particular speed limit for that area. An example of this is special speed limits in school zones during certain times of the day. These may also be used at sharp curves in the road or for certain vehicles, like large trucks.

If you've been accused of a speeding violation, call Donahue & Sowa today at 630-232-1780 or contact us online.

Individuals accused of traffic violations have all of the rights of any criminal defendant. Make sure you pursue all of your legal protections by consulting with a skilled and experienced traffic violation defense attorney.

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